Analog Wuczykij

”Pocztówka z Bydgoskiego” is an artistic project, which its main axis consisting of micro histories of the inhabitants of “Bydgoskie Przedmieście” on postcards. The choice is not incidental, the postcards are made by Eryk Rissmann a debuting artist and torunianin aboriginal who photographs his city for years. These oneiric photos (more than 30 with various histories on), made using traditional photographic techniques and forms became a specyfic sort of map of “Bydgoskie Przedmieście”. The opening of the exhibition will take place at 26.10.: 19:00 in the gallery of "Czarny Tulipan" Str. Sienkiewicza. 15 Postcards will be sold during the exhibition, and other parts of the city. The main goal of the exhibition is to show Bydgoskie Przedmieście suburbs from a different point of view slightly less known.
Bydgoszcz each time is a journey to the unknown, neglected, but extremely interesting place. More than 30 photos, which I chose from hundreds taken over the years, create a very subjective maze of memories. And each of these images has different impacts to the people I met during my photo walks. - Says Rissmann.
Eric Rissmann (23 Years old) - photographer, graphic artist, guitarist, native Torunianin, the pupil of the Foundation of Platon . Kuba Rumiński and paramedic as a profession, made his debut at the "Nowe Ciepło" in Nowe Miasto Lubawskie. Now he wants to show his work at Torun’s audience. His interests revolve around showing historical and forgotten places that can bring out artistic transmissions, either on photographic films or on canvas.

The exhibition is co-financed by Toruń Cultural Agenda under the Mikrowsparcia