Analog Wuczykij


I was born in Poland in city Toruń. Though I am a Pole, I am currently living 
in city Cluj Napoca situated in Romania.

So far, I have worked on photos in whole Poland and whole Romania, and most of my work
is related to my home town Toruń and to my current town Cluj Napoca.

Because, I often travel, I have also photographed others countries - Ukraine, Hungary,
Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Italy, Georgia, Armenia.

So far, I have had some photo-events regarding to photo exhibitions, and others photo-projects.

I have been dealing with with traditional photography for most of my life and have been fascinated by all possibilities and techniques
that can be used in my photographs, such as Cyanotype and Arabic Gum, striving to obtain literally paintings on photos, as well as reaching film shots. 

I have been following footsteps of the bygone photography, that refers to XIX and XX century, and here I have wide range of my role models, e.g: Jan Saudek, Ansel Adams, Ryszard Horowitz and a lot of more. 

Frequently, I examine my own techniques and all the time study in order to introduce new methods and therefore lot of photos are unique and impossible to repeat.

Photo Editor were used just while scanning or changing size of photos. All the shown photos are 
off more changes by using any photo editor. Nevertheless I have some knowledge of editing.  

My skills and experience:

- Developing Black & White Film, in normal way and also by using push and pull processing  - Developing Color Film in Process C41 
- Developing Prints
- Noble Photography

Often Subject:

- Portrait 
- Modelling
- Still Life
- Abandoned 
- Events
- Animals
- Landscape
- Architecture
- Reportage
- Art photography
- Automotive
- Industrial
- Sport


- Filming
- Fine Graphics